The Winter Course took place over the weekend of 18th & 19th Feb at the St Paul`s Sports Academy, Newfoundland Road, Bristol. There was also an extra hour of training on the Friday evening at our normal club night at the Ridgewood Community Centre, Yate, for those students that came down early after work.

Sensei Grimes has made up a new Dan Grade Syllabus for this year, so the emphasis of the Course was on this.

Pinan`s Nidan, Yodan, and Godan were at the core, with Pairwork, and Kaisetsu from these Kata. Plenty of practise time given for these. The new syllabus will be in effect for the Summer Course at Portland in July.

Saturday evening there were a couple of groups that met for an evening meal and drinks, at different times. Then some of us met up with the Sparkhill students at their Hotel for a chat.

Below are a few photo`s from the Course. More can be seen on our Facebook Page.