Sensei Grimes travelled to Davod, Hungary with four of his students, to attend the Summer Gashuku of Sensei Iwasaki`s Wado Juku Association.
The hosts made us very welcome during our stay, and met up with us most evenings after training. 
During the four days of training we went through a lot of their Dan Grading Syllabus, which was not surprising, as there was a Grading session at the end of the course on the Saturday.
Sensei George took the students through some basics, and applications of moves in our pairwork, and Kata.
On the Friday the students went through Kata`s Seishan, and Chinto. And before the afternoon session began, there was a Kata Competition for the Junior members attending.
As you can imagine, some things got slightly lost in the transalation, but some of their students did speak a little English, and did their best for both Sensei`s.
When training finished on the Saturday. The hosts held a "Sayonara" party, with Karaoke, and a Disco. 
Training was hard because of the heat, and yours truly did his usual trick of getting lots of Mosquito bites!!. We have been invited back again next year, and i`m sure some of us will be there.
With grateful thanks to Eva Dallos, and her Mte Karate Szakosztály Club for organising the course, and helping us during our stay.

Below you will see some photo`s of the Course.