We started arriving at C`an Picafort, Majorca on Wed 26th, Sensei George, his wife Judy, young George, Dave Robbins, and myself. The others followed over the next few days. It was sunny when we got there, then we had a day of gale force winds and torrential rain. Then it gradually started to clear, and warm up! 

Training started in earnest on the Sunday morning. A few of us went on the early morning exercise on the beach front at 7am. Walking, running, stretching, and Kata practise. Then the training went to the Dojo at 8am until 9am. Afternoon training from 4pm until 6pm. Outside of these times we were in holiday mode. Sunbathing, sightseeing, eating and drinking, (not overly!).

A lot of the training was based on the new Dan Grade Syllabus, with a few little "Extras" thrown in for good measure. As usual, the time goes all too quickly when you are enjoying yourself, and the course was over, and we were heading back home.

Below are a few photo`s from the course. More will be on the Facebook page. And there will also be video`s added from time to time.